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Knut Bell Combo Pack - $50.00

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Buy "Honkahillarockabilly", "Takin' It Back!", "Songs Of Our Forefathers", and "Where The North Wind Blows So Cold" for just $50!
Wicked, Ornry, Mean And Nasty - $15.00

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Produced by Brian Hofeldt (Frontman for the Austin based, Honky-Tonk band 'The Derailers') and recorded in Austin, Texas. Featuring an ALL-STAR Texas cast of musicians such as Redd Volkaert, Earl Poole Ball, Mike Daily, Casper Rawls, Marty Muse, Hayden Vitera and The Derailers.


1. Skagit Days
2. Mt.Dew And Truckstop Chili
3. Wicked, Ornry, Mean And Nasty
4. Haybales
5. Lost Highway
6. Que Dise
7. An American Man
8. Johson's Barbershop
9. Lips That Touch Whiskey
10. Bad, Bad Girl
11. Truck Drivin' Man
12. Little Country Church
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Honkahillarockabilly - $15.00

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Rockabilly music at it's finest! Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to cut the rug. Produced and Recorded by Conrad Uno... 2004


1. Donita
2. Chick Inspector
3. Gizzards N'Beer
4. Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
5. Felina
6. Leave Me Alone
7. Good Country Song
8. Pour Me Away
9. So Doggone Lonesome
10. Yakima Girl
11. Cowboys Cry
12. Local Yokel Lounge
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NOTE: Tracks 2, 3, and 9 are excluded from the digital album

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Takin' It Back! - $15.00

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These are songs of my experiences, my beliefs, my loves and my labors. These are songs about the "Common Man" and the "Common Land". 2001


1. Tarheel Stomp
2. Ol' Washington
3. Lips That Touch Whiskey
4. The Three F's
5. Chief Sealth
6. Yakima Girl
7. Best Intentions
8. Down On Ballard Ave.
9. Walls Of Walla Walla
10. Call Of The Wild Spirit
11. One That Holds My Heart
12. I Gotta Blow
13. Tugin' (The Tugboat Song)
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Songs Of Our Forefathers - $15.00

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Iv'e an old soul. A man of truth with stories to be sung. These songs celebrate the spirit of Norway. 2000


1. Songs Of Our Forefathers
2. Ut Etter Ol
3. Shetland's Larsen
4. Kan Du Glemme Gamle Norge
5. Duck River
6. The Hostfest Song
7. Espen's Song
8. Sjomann
9. Haukelid, Haukelid
10. Nidelven
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Where The North Wind Blows So Cold - $15.00

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Songs of the sea. $1 from the sale of this CD goes to the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial Fund. 2000


1. (Lookin' At Storms) Through The Wheelhouse Windows
2. Last Of The Vikings
3. The Mountain King
4. When Waves Come Crashin'
5. Leave Your Door Open
6. Fisherman's Lament
7. Rainy Alaska Morning
8. N Up To Se
9. Higgins Lagoon
10. Down In The Hold (Of An Old Rigging Ship)
11. The Black Ship
12. Where The North Wind Blows So Cold
13. Eat Off The Hook N' Live On The Line
14. The Wedding Song
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